Agen Prune Trifle

Agen Prune Triffle.jpg

Agen is the nearest large town to Little French Retreat and famous for it’s Prune’s, which are delicious.

This hearty breakfast trifle, is made the evening before making breakfast an easy quick to go,  providing sustenance for a busy day to power you through the morning.


Per 1 serving
6 Semi-dried prunes
Half a cup of porridge oats OR Millet Flakes
1 Small pot of organic natural sheeps yogurt


Stew prunes in ¾ cup of water (or prune/grape fruit juice), bring to the boil and simmer until soft. Leave to cool. Place ½ cup of porridge oats in breakfast bowl for bottom layer, add stewed prunes and juice for second layer, then top with yogurt and leave in the fridge to soak over night. By the morning the oats will be soft having absorbed all the prune juice.

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