Mossy Earth Partnership

For every guest that attends our French yoga retreats our partners over at Mossy Earth will plant a wild native tree to create our own forest! 

Mossy Earth is a social enterprise whose main goal is to deliver real environmental change by making a positive impact on the state of wilderness and forests around us.

This goes much beyond planting trees here and there. It means carefully managing the land to ensure ecosystems have the right conditions to flourish and become self-sustainable. That is done by selecting native tree species from local DNA pools, engineering the forest to resist wildfires and ensuring the conditions are met for the return of wildlife.

This project is fully transparent. All trees planted through our retreats will be photographed and the GPS coordinates of the area provided so anyone can visit and see for themselves.

All trees for the September and October Retreats 2017 will be planted in October and November the same year in Portugal. 

"With this partnership,  little french retreat aims to give back to the earth and provide their guests with the ultimate sustainable retreat experience." - Tamsin Chubb, Founder

JJ Gurukulam school.jpg

JJK Gurukulam Schools 

Swami Tattvarupananda, renowned teacher of vedanta (yoga scriptures) and sanskrit in Southern India, whom Tamsin has studied under is a disciple of Swami Dayananda and founder of JJK Gurukulam, a care home for under privileged boys and girls.

A Gurukulm is a traditional school system where students live along side their masters, studying yoga and vedanta scriptures. They attend school, learn english and are encouraged to learn basic life skills such as plumbing, electrics and how to make soap as a product to sell.

Due to the success of JJK Gurukulum, Swami Tattvarupananda has  built India’s first girls gurukulum, Shanti Gramam, in his home town Trichur in Kerala.

10% of all profits from Kerala Retreat's are donated to help with the continuation and building works for the gurukulum, and children's ongoing welfare and needs.