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If you have important life or work related questions I invite you to play the Flow Game. An innovative coaching tool that supports brainstorming and problem solving to clarify, strengthen and provide purpose for life or work related questions surrounding learning, earning and sharing. 

The practice helps to lift the participants questions and provides focus in areas of leadership, perspective, action and community. A wonderful team building or relational bonding practice for colleagues, friends and families that engages everyone; through the sharing of collective wisdom and resonant learning.

“When I joined Tamsin on her annual Kerala retreat in February I had not experienced anything like the ‘Flow game’, a coaching tool Tamsin facilitated for the group to help us explore questions we had in our lives and work whilst we were in a space of openness and relaxation. And it is this experience, and the question I explored, that has actually stayed with me since leaving the retreat. An experience that has led me to kick start a few things I had been putting off as well as spurring me to train in the methodology to use with my own clients, such was its power” - Nic Crisp, Head and Heart Leadership

"I was lucky enough to have the opportunity of playing the Flow game with Tamsin whilst visiting her beautiful home. The game itself is a very clever, creative, fun tool to enable the player to gain perspective of the "bigger picture" in our lives.
Whilst honing in on the big questions, we search for the answers to move forward in our lives. Tamsin's skill is to guide the game and help the players to interpret and explore the offerings from the game. There is no right or wrong, like in life itself it requires us to be open. In my case I was able to gain a great deal of clarity through the discussions inspired from what came up. Whilst the question I posed at the beginning of the game was very wide, I found that I came away with a written list of very specific "answers" which I have come back to several times and I have even actioned some of the points. I definitely feel that playing the game gave me a deeper clarity and understanding of how to get to where I want to be in my life" - Louise , UK

I am one of 200 Flow Game practitioners and draw upon my  skills within  management, counselling and as yoga teacher to facilitate the group sessions to provide an experience that inspires and encourages positive self-development.
This is suitable for  2 -6 people at a time
One to One sessions can be in person or by Skype. This includes an initial 2hr game, with follow up insights and a final 1hr game for  further clarity. 
Group sessions require a discussion of the needs, as the time can vary with preparation work. 

For more information about private or business coaching sessions and prices please contact Tamsin at