Broad Bean and Asparagus Porridge

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A savoury porridge, that is suitable for Pita, Vata and Kapha Dosa’a with a slight change of ingredients.
Millet flakes can be used as an alternative to oats, for Vata and Kapha, mixed with mung beans, asparagus, seared chard and broad beans.

Lightly spiced with a little cinnamon, a little fennel instead of onion and topped with fresh mint, a squeeze of lime and grated hard goats cheese.


Serves 4
1 tbsp Olive Oil
1 small fennel bulb
1 tsp Cinnamon
1/2 tsp Fennel seeds
100gm Pre-soaked Mung Bean
100gm Millet Flakes for data & Kapha or Gluten free oats for Pitta Dosha
1 L Vegetable stock
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp Black Pepper
200gm Chard
200gm Broad beans
4 sticks of Asparagus
40gm Grated hard goats cheese
Handful of mint, roughly chopped
Slice of lime for each serving


Pre-soak Mung beans over night
Heat oil in a pan over a medium heat, cook fennel finely sliced, with cinnamon and fennel seeds for 10 minutes, until soften. Add millet flakes and mung beans, stir through for a minute. Then add millet flakes and mung beans. Stir in stock, salt and pepper. Simmer and cook for 5 minutes and then add broad beans for a further 4 - 6 minutes. Until the mung beans are soft. Then add chopped chard for 2 minutes. Turn off the heat, stir mix before serving. Dress with grated hard goats cheese, fresh mint and a slice of lime.


This is a spring recipe. You can change the vegetables to suit the season. Summer replace broad beans and asparagus with Courgettes and peas, and in winter with turnip and parsnip. Chard is available spring and winter.

If you don’t have millet flakes you can use brown basmati rice with mung beans.

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