Poached egg on wilted chard with tahini dressing

Poached Egg On Wilted Chard With Tahini Dressing

Chard or Blette is the vegetable that keeps on giving. When planted rather than pull from the earth to harvest, it can be cut back to the roots as it will continue to grow, providing you with an endless source of greens.

Seen mostly in mediterranean countries, it's the equivalent of Spinach yet with more structure and less water content. It's a good source of vitamins and minerals and has a high dietary fibre content and most importantly, is delicious.


Per 1 serving
1 large Organic egg
3 Chard leaves
1 Slice of Gluten free bread
1 Tsp Coconut oil
1 Tbsp Apple cider vinegar


Wash the chard and cut into 1cm thick strips. 
Place water in a pan, bring to the boil then add vinegar and stir. Keep on a medium heat and with the water simmering, crack an egg into the water. Cook the egg for 4 minutes.
Place the cut chard into a frying pan with coconut oil and on medium heat cook for 3 - 4 minutes.
Toast the slice of bread. Then serve with toast below, chard and top with egg. 

Tahini Dressing

2 tbsp of Sheeps yogurt
1 tsp of Tahini paste
2 Tbsp or toasted sunflower seeds

Place all ingredients into a blender. Mix to preferred consistency and then drizzle onto of poached egg and chard.

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