Cacao & almond power balls

Cacao & almond power balls

These truffles are quick and easy to make and have a rich, indulgent taste without sugar, lactose or gluten.

Traditionally made as Prasad, a Hindu sweet offered to the gods and eaten by those worshipping. They make for a healthy alternative so that Easter doesn’t have to be sugar overload with mountainous quantities of chocolate, but just a little of something sweet and delicious.


75g Crushed unsalted Almonds
2 Tbsp 100% Organic Cacao Powder
50g Ghee (Clarified butter with the whey removed so lactose free)
1 Tspn Madagascan Organic Vanilla Essense (or as natural as possible)
1-2 Tbsp Rice Milk
3 Tspn Rice Syrup
50g Desiccated / Shredded Coconut


Combine the crushed almonds, Cacao powder, ghee, vanilla essence and rice syrup in a bowl and mix together, adding the rice milk gradually to create a sticky consistency.
Scatter either shredded coconut of cacao powder on the working surface
Take a teaspoonful of the mixture, make into a ball then finish by rolling in the coconut / cacao powder for a final layer

* Variation of a Sivananda Sattvic Sweet recipe

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