The space to come home to....

Little French retreat is a space dedicated to cleansing, renewal and the cultivation of a daily wellbeing practice that supports you on your journey to health, wholeness and peace.

In our simple, beautiful, warm and welcoming country home in a rural Gascony, France we offer authentic and intimate retreat experiences founded on the principles of Sivananda Yoga:

daily yoga - proper breathing - nourishing food -
relaxation - positive thinking

We create the space, provide the guidance and lavish the care and attention needed to enable you to rest, restore and reset and travel home with profound and simple tools to continue a daily practice centred on true health and wellbeing.

Upcoming Retreats


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Begin your Self-Discovery Journey with Tamsin and create change and new possibilities with easy, practical solutions. More information can be found  HERE

Or for any questions on planning your stay, what the area has to offer, or to organise trips and travel arrangements please get in touch with me Tamsin;