Teacher Spotlight: Yogateau

Teacher spotlight Yogateau: Tamsin Chubb

“Here in France my whole life has changed since I have asked for help, which has led to feeling part of my community. Which to me is a yoga life. Taking the teachings off the mat and into your world.”

Today we present Tamsin Chubb, yoga teacher, coach, creative chef and owner of Little French Retreat, an intimate venue in Lot-et-Garonne which hosts yoga, meditation and wellness retreats as well as classes, workshops and supper clubs. Like many of us, Tamsin was introduced to yoga as a healing tool to cope with the stress of modern life and quickly found comfort in the practice. As she began to feel better, she began wanting to delve deeper into yoga and Hindu culture, to find more meaning and purpose. This quest led to Tamsin from London to the Himalayas for a Sivananda Teacher Training and eventually to the French countryside outside of Agen where she now devotes herself entirely to living her yoga and sharing its transformational power with others...... Read the full interview by Martine Trélaün