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ONE DAY RETREAT, SURREY / Mindful, meditative yoga (2 spots left!)

This one day retreat explores the transformative qualities of breath and pace; as we slow down and flow through a strong classical yoga practice. A mindful and meditative series of postures held at length to build stamina and experience stillness.

  • Is your energy low and in need of a boost?

  • Are you experiencing sluggish digestion or food related problems?

  • Do you feel distracted and find it hard to turn the mind chatter down?

  • Do you find there are more questions than you the answers for?

  • Is your sleep pattern disturbed?

These are just some of the signs that the body and mind are not in balance and we are under stress.
The first place to begin to address these symptoms is learning how to breathe properly.
You may think you already can already breathe, so why are you not breathing properly?

On this one day retreat we explore what it means to breathe properly, how changing the way we breathe changes the way we feel, and by making the connection with breath and movement we unify the mind body system.

We begin with a two hour practice, resting in the spaces between posture and breath, focusing on the foundations of breath work, keeping a smooth and regular rhythm to deepen our sense of relaxation, increase vitality and bring us to a place where the mind can rest.

Once we have mastered the breath on the mat, we can then begin to apply this skill to everyday living. Moving from a place where we may have become unconsciously restricted and held, to a place where life flows with greater ease and we are steady in our emotions.

We pause for a tridoshic ayurvedic lunch - All cooked and catered for using locally sourced organic produce, with an approach to food rooted in creating calm, balance and cleansing the body to maintain good digestion and a strong immune system. There will be time after to expand on how to eat this way to stay well.

The afternoon session eases into a one hour yin class and 45 minute yoga nidra session. Leaving you feeling rested, nourished and revived.

** This practice is good for anyone wanting to discover how the breath can calm the mind, detox the body and regulate digestion. It is a taster of how a regular practice will relieve stress, anxiety, depression, digestive problems and any imbalance. All levels welcome**


Tamsin Chubb teaches traditional yoga, inspired by Sivananda and Yin practices. She focuses on breath connection, relaxation, improving digestion and building core strength with a medititaive flowing series of postures that are specifically designed to work on all physical and psychic centres of the body, provide complete flexion of the spine and balance the endocrine, nervous and parasympathetic systems. Leaving you feeling restored, energised and with a deeper sense of calm.

She completed her 500 hour certificate in Southern India under the guidance of Swami Govindananda, Swami Tattvarupananda and Mani Raman at Sivananda Yoga Vidya Peetham.

She Founded Little French Retreat a centre for wellbeing, yoga and vegetarian cuisine in 2013, situated in South West France. She spends her time between France, India and the UK teaching, cooking and hosting retreats for other practitioners.

Cucumber Gazpacho.JPG

A two course meal and plant based menu following ayurvedic tridoshic principles for a balanced cleansing diet. Everything is locally sourced where possible, using fresh farm organic produce. Dishes are a combination of Eastern and European flavours, made from scratch, using chemical free foods and only natural sugars found in fruits and grains.  
There will be a menu plan and worksheet to take home with you to continue to explore the benefits of Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga.


10.00 - 12.00 Morning practice; Pranayama & Asana

12.30 - 13.30 Two Course Ayurvedic Tridoschic Lunch

13.30 - 14.00 Intro to Ayurveda and Tridoshic meal plan ‘one for all approach’

14.00 - 16.00 Afternoon Yin and Yoga Nidra session

16.00 - 17.00 Tea & Cake / worksheets and questions

17.00 Farewell

DATE & TIME: Saturday 9th March, 10.00 - 17.00
CAPACITY: 12 People
LOCATION: Kilnhanger Yoga Venue, Farley Heath, Near Guildford, Surrey, GU5 9EW
PRICE £125.00 for full day, two course lunch, worksheets on practice and breath, and 3 day Tridoshic menu plan.
BOOKING: You can confirm your space with the PayPal button below

You can stay the weekend!
Why not take part in both days on the 9th and 10th. The practice and meal is different on each day and there is one shepherds hut available onsite for a couple or single. Alternatively there are Airbnb options in the local area. The one day retreat price does not include an evening meal but we can offer recommendations. for places to each. Please purchase each day separately to reserve your weekend place.

* Accommodation price not included, please enquire for details of the Shepherd hut with Maddy Gilliam on 07767 366 388, or email


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