Flow Workshop


A group experience offered on retreats, that is also available online as a 1-to-1 session to gain clarity and focus through asking the right questions. It reveals what you already know, yet have not been able to see, and provides practical solutions that you can apply to create new possibilities in your life.



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  • We begin with a discovery chat online, to form your question.

  • This follows with a 2hr flow game; a clever process of asking important life and work related questions in relation to learning, earning and sharing.

  • With a further follow-up game after one month. 

  • Journaling, breathing exercises and a mediation practice are interwoven into the experience.

  • The first game and practice helps to open your perspective to see all the options available to you. The second game provides the deeper understanding and clarity on either the same question, or to explore possibilities not previously considered. 

Begin your journey of Self Discovery !

Available for group and business facilitation, individually priced depending on project and location.

1-to-1 session available online or in person.
Price £250.00 inclusive of 2 x 2hr online sessions, with personalised individual practices and written insights.

Tamsin at info@littlefrenchretreat.com to arrange a free initial conversation.

To discover more about Tamsin please visit the Founder page.


I contacted Tamsin after reading an article about her and her Little French Retreat, and ended up taking part in the Flow Game over Skype.  As a therapist myself, and after many years of personal work, I was really astonished at how powerfully the process and flow game helped me explore familiar patterns and current feelings of stuckness. 
The Flow Game being the central focus is simple and at the same time has complexity. It’s fun to play, and also requires you to dig deep to find clarity in old questions in order to find new solutions.  The game helped me to find my lost courage and re-engage my bravest self, and to put those qualities into action, which I’m already doing. So much has happened in a very short time since playing the game that I definitely feel in the flow of life again
Tamsin hosts the Flow Game with insight, sensitivity and calm, always holding the space with friendliness and humility – a rare quality.  I’ve since played a follow-up and hope to become more involved with the Flow Game process.  
Oh yes, and I’ve booked a Beginners Yoga retreat too!
If you can’t get to France in person don’t hesitate to connect with Tamsin and play the Flow Game via Skype; the energy of the game will reach you across the miles. Very happy to recommend Tamsin as a facilitator of the Flow Game, and a gifted human being. - Karen, UK

Three months later and so much has changed in how I feel, my path and what I am doing - Looking back at the notes, I almost don't recognise some of the things I had said. I feel so much freer and am living the life that I want to now- I've had the courage to spend more time travelling alone and found this has given me so much - In this simple change I actually find I have more time for other people. I feel so much more present and in control. Whereas before I was constantly trying to control and felt stuck.
I also consciously wanted to step away from work and not strive so much - and this has been so beneficial and helped me make better choices, I come across better and arrive at what I want without frustration. Everything feels easy.
So all in all the Flow Game has been amazing and transformed my life! The reason I wanted to do the journey was so this year wasn't like last year and I really feel I have stepped over into another way of living, the way I wanted to live but didn’t know how. None of it is huge or probably noticeable to other people, but the little things have made a huge difference to me. - Alex, UK

I was at a crossroads and reached out to Tamsin for some wisdom. The Flow Game was a new approach and so an open mind was very much needed. However it blew me away - the flow game with its series of quotes, images and context completely shifted my train of thought and perspective. I felt really listened to and totally understood. I found It validated some thoughts I previously held and gave new perspective on them. There was no judgement, just reassuring nudges to explore and question further. 
The outcome was not entirely was I expected either - it was far more than I had expected and opened my mind to opportunities that were already there, but I couldn’t see. Once the initial process was complete and had sunk in, I made significant changes: to what I was doing, how I was approaching tasks or thoughts and I took action.  Fast forward and things are very different: less resistance, more contentment, things have become easier and I have not only mentally shifted but physically shifted as it helped me to realise how I could move home and change my approach to work. I have taken a lot from this experience, I can’t thank Tamsin enough. - Lauren, UK