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The Self-Discovery Journey helps you create positive change by asking important life and work related questions to reveal what makes you unique, realign your purpose and allow a sense of freedom to flow through you again. 

I am one of a growing community of international Flow Game hosts. An innovative game that is enlightening and insightful. I was led to the Flow Game at a time when I sought a complimentary practice to yoga that would support guests on retreat and facilitate change. I found this with the Flow Game and have since adapted and refined to create my Self-Discovery Journey at Little French Retreat. The programme facilitates a discovery of your inner leader, strength, vision and decisiveness – enabling you to take a new direction with clarity and a sense of knowing, from which you can make good decisions. 


Flow Game

The Self-Discovery Journey begins with an introduction consultation in preparation to frame your question. This follows with a 2 hour game and two further follow up sessions over the course of one month.  The first game helps to completely open your perspective and realise all the possible options that are available to you. The following games provide deeper understanding and further clarity on either the same question, or to explore possibilities not previously considered. 
The shift in energy then sets in motion and creates a series of actions and outcomes. It differs from coaching as it tunes in innately to you and is not a formulaic list of steps for you to follow. It's very much yoga in the form of a board game, that brings subconscious thoughts into the present, making the experience very personal to your needs. I often include breath work exercises and journalling for you to practice alongside the flow game for clarity and calm.

My Self-Discovery Journey is also integrated into the Spring and Autumn Cleanse and Keep Calm and Come to Kerala Retreat


I contacted Tamsin after reading an article about her and her Little French Retreat, and ended up playing the Flow Game over Skype. As a therapist myself, and after many years of personal work, I was really astonished at how powerfully this game helped me explore familiar patterns and current feelings of stuckness. The Flow Game is simple and at the same time has complexity. It’s fun to play, and also requires you to dig deep to find clarity in old questions in order to find new solutions. The game helped me to find my lost courage and re-engage my bravest self, and to put those qualities into action, which I’m already doing.
So much has happened in a very short time since playing the game that I definitely feel in the flow of life again.
Tamsin hosts the Flow Game with insight, sensitivity and calm, always holding the space with friendliness and humility – a rare quality. I’ve since played a follow-up and hope to become more involved with the Flow Game process. Oh yes, and I’ve booked a Beginners Yoga retreat too! Very happy to recommend Tamsin as a facilitator of the Flow Game, and a gifted human being. If you can’t get to France in person don’t hesitate to connect with Tamsin and play the Flow Game via Skype; the energy of the game will reach you across the miles. - Karen, UK

"I was at a crossroads and reached out to Tamsin for some wisdom. The Self Discovery Process was a new approach and so an open mind was very much needed. However it blew me away - the series of quotes, images and context completely shifted my train of thought and perspective. I felt really listened to and totally understood. I found It validated some thoughts I previously held and gave new perspective on them. There was no judgement, just reassuring nudges to explore and question further. 
The outcome was not entirely what I expected either - it was far more than I had expected and opened my mind to opportunities that were already there, but I couldn’t see. Once the initial process was complete and had sunk in, I made significant changes: to what I was doing, how I was approaching tasks or thoughts and I took action. Fast forward and things are very different: less resistance, more contentment, things have become easier and I have not only mentally shifted but physically shifted: it helped me to realise how I could move home and progress to the next step with my partner, it changed my approach to work and breathed new life into my business and I started making time and decisions for me again, but without the guilt"  - Lauren, UK

"I feel lucky to of had the opportunity to discover the Self Discovery Journey and play the Flow game with Tamsin.. The game itself is a very clever, creative, fun tool to enable the player to gain perspective of the "bigger picture" in our lives.
Whilst honing in on the big questions, we search for the answers to move forward in our lives. Tamsin's skill is to guide the game and help the players to interpret and explore the offerings from the game. There is no right or wrong, like in life itself it requires us to be open. In my case I was able to gain a great deal of clarity through the discussions inspired from what came up. Whilst the question I posed at the beginning of the game was very wide, I found that I came away with a written list of very specific "answers" which I have come back to several times and I have even actioned some of the points. I definitely feel that playing the game gave me a deeper clarity and understanding of how to get to where I want to be in my life" - Louise , UK

As a Flow Game practitioner I draw upon my skills within management, counselling and as a yoga teacher, to facilitate group sessions to provide an experience that inspires and encourages positive self-development.
1-2-1 sessions are offered in person or by Skype, or small groups of 2 -6 people at a time. 

 For more information about personal or group sessions and prices please contact Tamsin at info@littlefrenchretreat.comh