Is understated and deceptive in size, as it is much larger than it appears in pictures. With it’s first floor entrance, that flows sideways and across three levels, comfortably accommodating everyone.

There are three double bedrooms offering single or shared accommodation, each with ensuite bathrooms and a teachers room, providing space for seven in total.
Rooms are in neutral shades with high quality mattresses and pure cotton bed linen to ensure a good nights sleep. Towels and shower products are provided for each guest.

On the ground floor is a comfortable living room with wood burning stove, spacious kitchen and dinning area that leads out onto the veranda, shaded under the vines. The terraced garden is split between three areas and covers an acre, offering scenic views and the perfect spot to sunset gaze every evening.

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Shared verses a single room?

”It was my first yoga retreat.  Although it was advertised for beginners, I was a bit anxious that I wouldn’t be able to keep up and didn’t know what to expect from the other participants.  What if it all got too intense?  So I requested a single room, thinking I might need the solitude.  A single wasn’t available but I am now so thankful for this. I had a lovely roommate, with whom I could talk about the sessions, check out my reactions and yet feel I still had space when I needed to get away.  We were seamlessly respectful of each others’ needs and boundaries. I imagine anyone who comes on a retreat of this type, focused on self-exploration and understanding the benefits of Yoga and Ayurvedic approaches, would be a similar gentle, kind soul.  We have remained friends.  Thanks to the universe for putting us together!” - Susan, Discover Yoga Retreat.

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If you would like any more information on our accommodation, more photos, how to travel on your own, how to make a booking for yourself or a group, or coming to stay outside of organised retreat times to take that undistracted time you need to work on a project - then don't hesitate to email me Tamsin at