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HIMALAYAS / magic mountains and mystery

‘How did mountains come to be so fascinating?
Because the mountains we climb are not only made up
of rock and ice, but of dreams and desires.
The mountains we climb, are mountains of the mind’

Travel with Tamsin to Uttarakhand, the land of the gods and experience stunning scenery, ancient temples, simple living and the warmth and hospitality of the local community.

This fourteen day trip is an experience designed to deepen your knowledge of yoga and meditation, and enjoy the spectacular views of the Himalayan mountain range, as we walk different paths of spiritual significance.

Mountains have a certain magic that provide an inner and outer perspective, revealing what lies within us. With this backdrop and a mindful approach to our daily yoga practice and silent walks, we begin to slow down and create space for reflection. Feeling, calm and strong, we return to a sense of self and greater connection, aligning the spaces between to become one with the landscape surrounding us.

**This retreat is suitable for those with an adventurous heart, open to new and challenging experiences and have a foundation level of fitness to manage the practice and 6km walks**



The present day Uttarakhand is known as dev-bhumi, or the land of gods and has been a destination of awe and aura among Indians for the past 3000 years. Every place surrounding our retreat vicinity is featured in India's legends and sacred history and has been a site of spiritual rest and meditation, choosen by guru’s and sages on pilgrimage for centuries.

Adi Shankacharya (788 - 820 AD) sage and direct lineage of Sivananda Yoga, travelled by foot from Kerala some 2500km to begin his spiritual journey from Jageshwar in the Himalayas, to the south, founding the four 'Maths' (centers for learning and propagating Hinduism) in the four corners of India - Sringeri in Karnataka, Dwarka in Gujarat, Puri in Orissa and Jyotirmath (Joshimath) in the Himalayas.
During our stay we will take five walks to different temples that continue to be auspicious pilgrim sites today, many of which date back to 7-8th century AD.



Silent walking is a profound and accessible way to reach a focused point with greater ease and aids the beginning stage of developing a meditation practice. Following each footstep with our breath, our mind can settle into a steady rhythm that provides a heightened sense of awareness and brings our attention fully to the present moment. The benefits of practicing in this way within a group, are the unspoken support and connections with others that are developed, the ability to be comfortable together and find your place of rest without feeling a need to fill the empty spaces with chatter, you conserve energy that gets lost through talking and you can retreat inwardly and immerse yourself in the experience. Appreciating nature, letting go of any circling thoughts and arriving at a place of calm.


Tamsin has been leading retreats to India for the past four years. This will be her third retreat held in the Himalayas. Where she will be teaching traditional yoga, inspired by Sivananda and Yin practices. Her classes are for all levels and are tailored to suit an individual or group’s specific needs. She focuses on breath connection, relaxation, improving digestion and building core strength with a medititaive flowing series of postures that are specifically designed to work on all physical and psychic centres of the body, provide complete flexion of the spine and balance the endocrine, nervous and parasympathetic systems. Leaving you feeling restored, energised and with a deeper sense of calm.

She has practiced varying styles of yoga and completed her 500 hour certificate in Southern India under the guidance of Swami Govindananda, Swami Tattvarupananda and Mani Raman at Sivananda Yoga Vidya Peetham.
She Founded Little French Retreat a centre for wellbeing, yoga and vegetarian cuisine in 2013, situated in South West France. She spends her time between France, India and the UK teaching, cooking and hosting retreats for other practitioners.


We have four nights split between arrival and departure, staying at the comfortable Luytens Bungalows located in the Unesco heritage site of central Delhi. Shulka and husband Nath are charming hosts, that have been warmly welcoming those lucky enough to have discovered this oasis for the past fifty years. The bungalow and extended quarters have been elegantly decorated with modern amenities, offering free wifi, a swimming pool and delicious home cooked meals.

We have 10 nights staying at our dedicate retreat venue, voted amongst one of the top 100 ashrams in India. The ideal destination for nature lovers and spiritual seekers that value peace and quiet amidst the natural grandeur of the mountainous backdrop.
Piyush and his wife Katherine established the retreat venue in 2005, leaving behind a career in banking to build a retreat centre and home that would benefit the ecology and the local population as much as it does the visitor. Constructed from sympathetic local material, it sits in harmony with it’s surroundings, overlooking spectacular views, with a garden full of wild flowers.
Rooms comprise of single and shared accommodation with ensuite bathrooms and hot water. Clean, comfortable and modern ‘rustic deluxe’ in style, with good quality bed-linen, electric blankets and heavy woollen bed covers for cool evenings. Each with a covered terrace and place to relax.
There are communal spaces to gather; the dinning room, pyramid yoga studio and outdoor terrace.
With an onsite massage room and masseuse for ayurvedic treatments that you can take at your leisure.



Home cooked meals are served around the fire side, as we dine alfresco and enjoy hill tribe indigenous dishes made from organic, locally sourced produce. Simple yet full of flavours.
Dishes include spiced curries, Kapas with homemade breads and Chutneys.

Our cooking workshop will follow the tradition of cooking on the outdoor fire, as we make a traditional meal with chapatti’s and roti’s. Understanding blends of herbs and how dishes are prepared.



Swami Tattvarupananda, renowned teacher of vedanta (yoga scriptures) and sanskrit in Southern India, whom Tamsin has studied under.  A disciple of Swami Dayananda and founder of JJK Gurukulum, a care home for under privileged boys. A Gurukulam is a traditional school system where students live along side their masters, studying yoga and vedanta scriptures. There are on average 20 boys living at the home, between 7 - 17 in age. They practice yoga before attending school, learn english and are encouraged to learn basic life skills such as plumbing, electrics and how to make soap as a product to sell. Due to the success of JJK Gurukulam, Swami Tattvarupananda has built India’s first girls day gurukulam, Shanti Gramam, in his home town Trichur in Kerala.
10% of all profits from this trip will be donated to help with the continuation of the gurukulam.



· 14 nights accommodation and all food,
· 22hrs or 11 yoga classes and optional evening guided meditation
· 5 guided silent walks 6-8km to different temples and sites of spiritual significance
· Visit to Dwarahat temples, Dunagiri temple, Sukhadevi temple and Babaji’s Cave
· Indian Cookery Workshop & Henna application
· Visit to women weavers co-operative studio and shop
· Airport transfer
· Trains and taxi from Delhi to the mountains
· Two half day sight seeing trips in Delhi to monuments & Old Delhi spice market
· Optional half day guided shopping

International flights
Travel and health insurance
Massage treatments at our retreat venue


· 60 day E-Tourist visa
· Travel insurance
· Vaccinations
· Indian currency: INR / Rupees
· Clothing for both warm and cool climates; days are warm and sunny and nights and early mornings drop in temperature so thermals, down or fleece jackets, hats and gloves are required.
· Comfortable clothes for yoga, walking boots / shoes for trails

Dates: Saturday 10 April – Friday 24 April 2020.
Price: Single occupancy £2380.00 / Couples or shared occupancy £2180.00
Includes: 14 nights accommodation, all meals, transport from the airport to various locations we will be staying at, 22 hrs or 11 Yoga classes, 5 guided walks, temple visit, workshops, 2 afternoon Delhi sight seeing trips,
Capacity: 12 guests single or couple occupancy
Flights: You will need to Fly out the 10 April and arrive early morning of 11 April in Delhi. Departing night of 23 or day of 24th April Delhi.
Book: Deposit of £550.00 is required. The final balance of £1830.00 is payable 6 weeks in advance. Or if you prefer to pay in three instalments please enquire on booking.

If you have any questions or would like information on the retreat, style of yoga, travel details then please don’t hesitate to contact me, Tamsin at or +33 (0)


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