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Your Path Revealed / a journey with sound healing

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Are you feeling stuck, wanting change but unsure of which direction to take?  Do you recognize patterns in your own behavior that are no longer serving your highest purpose, and want to make changes? Has it been difficult to have appropriate boundaries with people in your life, and now you feel you’ve lost your voice?

Would you like to explore these issues in a supportive environment, sharing the conversation with a small group of like-minded companions.   In the hustle and bustle of daily life its hard to find the time and space to really reflect, but here you can.   

On the Sound Healing retreat we’ll integrate group exploration using somatic and creative exercises with Sound Healing meditations.  Why is that important?  Well we live in a world where logic and thought processes have priority, and we lose touch with the wisdom of our bodies.  But when we slow down, listen and tune in, we realize that our bodies literally resonate with the story of our past, and that we can raise our vibrations for our highest future potential.

When we work with the Gongs they relax us into deeper brainwave states so that our inner experiences, beliefs and emotional blocks can be revealed.  And as we are 70% liquid, they also have the capacity to heal deep-seated energy blocks in the body.

So we’ll work with Planet Gongs and other healing instruments to reveal your path:

  • Saturn: for looking back and taking stock. 

  • Mercury: for communication and finding your voice.

  • Nibiru: for setting intentions for the future so you have a focus for your path and

    a framework in which to make changes and to be in Flow.

At the end of the Sound Healing Retreat feel refreshed and empowered, with clarity at a cellular level, and be in alignment with your highest intentions for ‘your path revealed’.


  •  Feeling blocked in your life journey

  • Needing space to be supported with time to reflect

  • Curious about Sound Healing and want to know more


Karen Bresloff

Karen has been hosting conversations with people in recovery from trauma, and the weary travelers of everyday life for the past 16 years. 

She is a UKCP Registered Psychotherapist with a Masters in Integrative Psychotherapy.  She has trained in the pioneering trauma work of Peter Levine, and became a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner with the European Association of Somatic Experiencing in 2014.   Then Karen discovered Gongs, trained with Gongmaster Sheila Whittaker, subsequently completing the Gong Practitioner Training at the College of Sound Healing, and now integrates Sound Healing into her practice.  Karen is also a member of the international community of Flow Game Hosts.

While dreaming of France, she currently lives happily in the Cotswolds, England where runs a busy Private Practice in Gloucestershire from her home, that she shares with two chocolate Labradors, a collection of Gongs, and lots of books.  She’s backpacked in China, driven Australia’s Bloomfield track, and ridden the Trans Siberian Express, but believes the most important journey one can take is to our own interior landscape. This Summer Karen be will be travelling to France with her gongs to host a journey of Sound Healing at Little French Retreat.


  • Early morning call to sound

  • Breakfast

  • 2 hrs Group Sharing – time to breath and check in, explore your question and your journey, creative and somatic exercises

  • Lunch

  • Rest/Walk/Journaling/One-to-one energy healing session with Karen

  • Evening Sound Meditation

  • Dinner

Cucumber Gazpacho.JPG

Tamsin Chubb will be your yogi cook on retreat, creating a natural vegetarian diet using locally sourced, fresh organic produce. Dishes are infused with Asian and European flavours, made from scratch, using non-produced foods and natural sugars found in fruits and grains.  Meal times follow Ayurvedic principles for digestion and improved sleep. Starting the day with morning tea and fruit with a hearty brunch to follow. A light lunch and early evening meal to aid better sleep and digestion. For more information on the food prepared at Little French Retreat you can visit here 

Details of the rooms can be found here
The retreat price is for shared accommodation, however if you unsure about this or wish to know single occupancy rates please enquire prior to booking.


  • Cycling (there are two Dutch bikes available for use)

  • Walking

  • Reading (feel free to borrow from the retreat library)

  • Stargazing


Dates: Thursday 27 June – Monday 01 July 2019.
Price: £775.00 per person

  • 4 nights accommodation

  • All nutritious vegetarian meals, snacks and drinks,

  • Daily sound healing sessions

  • Journaling, discussion and group activities

  • 1-2-1 Energy healing session

  • Visit to local Artisanal market and medieval village

Capacity: 6 shared occupancy with twin rooms only, optional double beds for couples on request. Single rooms are available on request, please ask on enquiry.
Getting here: For full travel details visit the website here
Book: Deposit of £275.00 is required. The final balance of £500.00 is payable by 27 May 2019.

For each guest booking our give back partners Mossy Earth will plant one tree as part of a european re-wilding programme and to help us build our own forest! Find out more