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Discover Yoga / wellbeing for everyday living (2 spaces left)

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Discover the joy of Yoga and it’s complete approach to health that benefits you mentally, physically and spiritually. Providing you with tools that support you in everyday life.

We explore breathing techniques (Pranayama), yoga postures (Asana’s), what a yoga diet is and how positive thinking and meditation can help you develop your intuition and change your approach to decision making.

All aspects together provide a foundation to build a daily practice from and knowledge of how the practice affects your body positively to maintain natural health and prevent disease.

Improve your digestion, balance hormones, increase mobility, reduce stress, anxiety and appreciate a deep sense of relaxation and calm.

A weekend for complete yoga beginners or those who wish to revisit the basics, with a cleansing vegetarian diet, meditation walks and time to rest in comfort.


  • Want to learn the practice of yoga in a relaxed way in preparation for attending weekly classes

  • Interested in discovering the health benefits of yoga in a non-judgemental environment.

  • Reached a point where you are ready for a change in your life

  • Would like time to slow down, rest and reflect

  • Would like to discover the connection between food and health

  • Would like to feel more flexible

  • Need a good nights sleep, a comfy bed and lots of peace and quiet

  • Travelling alone or with friends

  • Love France and going on adventures


Tamsin teaches traditional yoga based on a combination of styles; Sivananda Yoga,  a series of postures with variations that are specifically designed to work on all physical and psychic centres of the body, provide complete flexion of the spine and balance the endocrine, nervous and parasympathetic systems – And Yin Yoga, that works to restore fascia (connective tissue) through holding postures for longer and has a deeply meditative affect to calm the mind. Her class begins with the practice of pranayama and meditation leading into a gentle flowing asana practice, resulting in feeling restored and relaxed.

The practice of yoga opens, clarifies, removes energy blocks and helps one to connect to the essence of their true nature – happiness. With long term commitment to the practice you can appreciate the ability to control the mind and transform ones life beyond the mat, beyond reactive emotions to a more gentle, peaceful approach to all that you do, with positive intentions that help guide you.

She has practiced varying styles of yoga and in 2012 took her 200 hours teaching course with Sivananda in the Himalayas, completing her 500 hour certificate in Southern India.

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A natural vegetarian diet using locally sourced, fresh organic produce. Dishes are infused with Asian and European flavours, made from scratch, using non-produced foods and natural sugars found in fruits and grains.  Meal times follow Ayurvedic principles for digestion and improved sleep. Starting the day with morning tea and fruit before yoga with a hearty brunch to follow. A light lunch and early evening meal to aid better sleep and digestion. For more information on the food prepared at Little French Retreat you can visit here 

Details of the rooms can be found here
The retreat price is for shared accommodation, however if you unsure about this or wish to know single occupancy rates please enquire prior to booking.

‘We were looking for something different for a break/holiday after spending an exhausting year launching a new business. Following a fab review in the newspaper we booked hoping to get something out of the trip/experience that would help us kickstart a new healthier way for us, looking after ourselves a bit better. What we came away with was almost life changing and we’re now taking on board many of the things we learnt here” – Dan


1.5hrs morning Pranayama & Asana
Time to relax / Yoga Philosophy
Time to relax
1.5hrs afternoon Pranayama & Asana
Evening meditation / or silent walk


  • Cycling (there are two Dutch bikes available for use)

  • Walking

  • Running

  • Reading (feel free to borrow from the retreat library)

  • Stargazing

  • Relaxing by the log burner


Dates: Thursday 16 – Monday 20 May 2019.
Price: £675.00 per person

  • 4 nights accommodation

  • All nutritious vegetarian meals, snacks and drinks,

  • breath workshop

  • Eight yoga sessions

  • Use of yoga mats, meditation blankets and straps

  • Guided meditations

  • Day trip with a visit to local Artisanal market and medieval villages

  • A Sivananda Yoga Training Manual

The Sivananda Training Manual.jpeg

Capacity: 6 shared occupancy with twin rooms only, optional double beds for couples on request. Single rooms are available on request, please ask on enquiry.
Getting here: For full travel details visit the website here
Book: Deposit of £250.00 is required. The final balance of £425.00 is payable by 16 April 2019

Unsure about sharing a room?

This is possibly not what most people are used to as adults, but sharing a room is based upon philosophies and practices within spiritual communities to help change our thoughts about what we think is ours, the space we need, and also how we integrate into a wider sense of community. Here is get feedback on the experience of sharing:

"It was my first yoga retreat.  Although it was advertised for Beginners, I was a bit anxious that I wouldn’t be able to keep up and didn’t know what to expect from the other participants.  What if it all got too intense?  So I requested a single room, thinking I might need the solitude.  A single wasn’t available but I am now so thankful for this.  I had a lovely roommate, with whom I could talk about the sessions, check out my reactions and yet feel I still had space when I needed to get away.  We were seamlessly respectful of each others’ needs and boundaries. I imagine anyone who comes on a retreat of this type, focused on self-exploration and understanding the benefits of yoga and Ayurvedic approaches, would be a similar gentle, kind soul.  We have remained friends.  Thanks to the universe for putting us together!”

For each guest booking our give back partners Mossy Earth will plant one tree as part of a european re-wilding programme and to help us build our own forest! Find out more