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Mindful Walking / a practice of meditation in nature

This retreat is a blissful release from the constraints of conventional meditation practice. It combines yoga and walking in a way that removes expectations of what meditation is, looks like, and feels like and enables you to explore your own authentic experience and even greater freedom in body and mind.

We enjoy a practice that has altogether more depth and subtlety. The explorations of the interplay between inhalation and exhalation, differing pace in movement, changes in pressure, weight and structural support, both on the mat and in nature, lightens muscular control to relax bones and limbs to move freely again.

Vistas, horizons, alternating weather and an understanding that we are nature as we mirror and absorb the energies that surround us. Our inner and outer worlds reunite, like a homecoming to who we are and the peace that resides within.

Slower in our minds and body, space gives rise to spontaneity and feelings of wonderment. The unseen reveals itself and the answers that feel most natural, come without trying to find them. We realise everything we need is already at our finger tips. We have just been too busy to notice.

The difficult then becomes surpassable, leaving us ready, with a sense of self-achievement and empowered to make positive life choices.  


  • Wanting to explore meditation and feel calmer

  • Beginner or intermediate experience of yoga and interested in discovering it’s health benefits in a non-judgemental environment.

  • Need rest and time out

  • Seeking comfort in solace as a natural way to solve life challenges

  • Enjoy walking and nature

  • Ready for change and a new perspective but not sure where to start

  • A new adventure

  • Good conversations with friendly warm-hearted folk


I lead meditation walks in silence keeping a simple structure, to support mindfulness on breath and movement to minimise distraction and allow the mind to settle. Walks focus on different intentions, stopping mid-way for circle work or open conversations which are guided by questions to help us connect to ourselves and notice what is going on within.
The yoga I teach is a blend of styles. Sivananda Yoga; a series of postures with variations that are specifically designed to work on all physical and psychic centres of the body, provide complete flexion of the spine and balance the endocrine, nervous and parasympathetic systems. And Yin Yoga, which works to restore fascia (connective tissue) through holding postures for longer and has a deeply meditative affect to calm the mind. My classes begin with the practice of pranayama and lead into a flowing asana practice, resulting in feeling restored and relaxed.
I hold a 500hr certificate Yoga Teacher Training Certificate with Sivananda Yoga Peetham. For more information about myself visit HERE

breakfast at Little French Retreat

A vegetarian diet using locally sourced, fresh organic produce. Dishes are a combination of Eastern and European flavours, made from scratch, using non-produced foods and natural sugars found in fruits and grains.  Meal times follow Ayurvedic principles for digestion and improved sleep. Starting the day with morning tea and fruit before yoga with a hearty brunch to follow. A light lunch and early evening meal to aid better sleep and digestion. For more information on the food prepared at Little French Retreat you can visit here

Details of the rooms can be found here
The retreat price is for shared accommodation, however if you unsure about this or wish to know single occupancy rates please enquire prior to booking.


“A fabulous four days in this idyllic spot. Yoga, laughter, tears, delicious food and silent walks with an inspiring group. What more could you ask for? Thank you Tamsin for creating such a welcoming, beautiful place. Space to be on your own or to relax and chill out. I arrived tired, stressed and in need of a break from my two young kids, and left refreshed and revitalized, with an inner peace that I hope will last for a long time! I'd thoroughly recommend a stay here to anyone who is open to being nurtured physically, spiritually and emotionally. I'll be back!” - Rachel

2hrs morning yoga
Time to relax
2 - 3hrs walking
Time to relax
Optional evening meditation

* The flow can change. Walking can sometimes be in the mornings to catch the sunrise, with time to rest on the terrace in the afternoon and yoga to wind down before dinner.

Cycling (there are two Dutch bikes available for use)
Reading (feel free to borrow from the retreat library)
Relaxing by the log burner
Massage treatments available on request

Dates: Thursday 24 – Monday 28 May 2019.
Price: £675.00 per person

  • 4 nights accommodation

  • All nutritious vegetarian meals

  • Guided silent walking meditations covering 30km over the weekend with daily circle conversations, to encourage us to the present moment

  • Five yoga sessions

  • Use of yoga mats, meditation blankets and straps,

  • Learning benefits of Japa meditation, chanting and mantras

  • Conversations and talks on all subjects are interwoven throughout the weekend

  • Visit to Nerac farmers market a medieval market town

Capacity: 6 shared occupancy with twin rooms only, optional double beds for couples on request.
Getting here: For full travel details visit the website here
Book: Deposit of £250.00 is required. The final balance of £425.00 is payable by 24 September 2019.

Unsure about sharing a room?

This is possibly not what most people are used to as adults, but sharing a room is based upon philosophies and practices within spiritual communities to help change our thoughts about what we think is ours, the space we need, and also how we integrate into a wider sense of community. Here is get feedback on the experience of sharing:

"It was my first yoga retreat.  Although it was advertised for Beginners, I was a bit anxious that I wouldn’t be able to keep up and didn’t know what to expect from the other participants.  What if it all got too intense?  So I requested a single room, thinking I might need the solitude.  A single wasn’t available but I am now so thankful for this.  I had a lovely roommate, with whom I could talk about the sessions, check out my reactions and yet feel I still had space when I needed to get away.  We were seamlessly respectful of each others’ needs and boundaries. I imagine anyone who comes on a retreat of this type, focused on self-exploration and understanding the benefits of yoga and Ayurvedic approaches, would be a similar gentle, kind soul.  We have remained friends.  Thanks to the universe for putting us together!”

For each guest booking our give back partners Mossy Earth will plant one tree as part of a european re-wilding programme and to help us build our own forest! Find out more here

If you have any questions or would like information on the retreat, style of yoga, travel details then please don’t hesitate to contact me, Tamsin at +33 (0) or...


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