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Autumn Cleanse: Yoga and Ayurvedic detox (Sold out)

Autumn Cleanse: Yoga and Ayurveda detox

According to Ayurvedic principles, by understanding oneself, by identifying one's own constitution, and by recognizing sources of doshic aggravation, one can not only follow the proper guidelines to cleanse, purify, and prevent disease, but also uplift oneself into a realm of awareness previously unknown. - Vasant Lad

Experience a revitalised version of yourself with Tamsin and Annapurna on the Autumn Cleanse Retreat, as they guide and work with the principles of yoga and ayurveda to cleanse the body and mind. Including asanas for digestion, breath work, cleansing diet, massages, personalized ayurvedic consultation, nutritional workshop and woodland trails. All practices and activities restore balance.

With the five point practice of Sivananda yoga as our base Tamsin will look at how to improve digestive fire with asana's, pranayama, and cleansing kryias. We explore how proper breathing plays an important role in improving health conditions and regulating emotions and how to change our thoughts through meditation techniques and positive intentions to quieten and refocus the mind. 

Annapurna provides three ayurvedic treatments that include; a full-body one hour oil massage to nourish the skin and underlying tissues, eliminate toxins, heal muscle aches and tension; a one-on-one consultation with diagnosis of your fundamental physical constitution according to Ayurveda, where she will discuss types of oils, spices, vegetables, fruits and grains which help to balance your constitution. Special emphasis will be on the Autumn period. With another 1-hour long, full-body massage, to emphasis the feet and legs, using slightly more pressure along the energy canals.


  • Are you exhausted and in need of a long lasting energy boost?

  • Do you notice more sadness or anxiety than joy and serenity recently? 

  • If you have irregular sleep patterns and would benefit from a good nights sleep

  • You have decided to heal one or two persistant health issues?

  • A chance to explore longing questions that will help support change

  • Love France and going on adventures

Yoga and cooking workshop guided by Tamsin 



Tamsin teaches traditional Sivananda Yoga; a series of postures with variations that are specifically designed to work on all physical and psychic centres of the body, provide complete flexion of the spine and balance the endocrine, nervous and parasympathetic systems – And Yin Yoga, that works to restore fascia (connective tissue) through holding postures for longer and has a deeply meditative affect to calm the mind. 

Her class begins with the practice of pranayama and meditation leading into a flowing asana practice, resulting in feeling restored and relaxed.

The practice of yoga opens, clarifies, removes energy blocks and helps one to connect to the essence of their true nature – happiness. With long term commitment to the practice you can appreciate the ability to control the mind and transform ones life beyond the mat, beyond reactive emotions to a more gentle, peaceful approach to all that you do, with positive intentions that help guide you.

She has practiced varying styles of yoga and in 2012 took her 200 hours teaching course with Sivananda in the Himalayas, completing her 500 hour certificate in Southern India.



Annapurna (Anne Petrov) PhD, MA is certified in Ayurvedic massage and associated treatments including Abhyanga, Marma points, Ayurvedic constitution, Shiroabhyanga massage, Shiropichu and Nasya. She is also a Level 4 Certified Therapist of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage. She is an advanced yoga teacher (Acharya) of Sivananda Yoga and a certified teacher of Hormone Yoga Therapy (trained by Dinah Rodrigues)

She trained in the traditional Kerala technique with Sisupalan Kuttappan at Angela Sanz’s International School of Ayurvedic Culture in Barcelona. She is a Level 4 Therapist of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (AYM-ARYM), trained by Ananta Sylvain Girard in Paris and Goa and studied pregnancy massage at Yogsansara in Paris. She also holds a diploma of Ayurvedic Nutrition with Anjani and Sanjay Kulkarni at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Akademie in Reith Austria.


The food plan and cooking workshop will give you the kick start and strength to change eating habits and continue to make positive, on-going food choices. Based on an ayurvedic tridoshic menu for a balanced detox diet, Tamsin will be cooking using locally sourced, fresh organic produce. Dishes are a combination of Eastern and European flavours, made from scratch, using non-produced foods and natural sugars found in fruits and grains.  Meal times follow Ayurvedic principles for digestion and improved sleep. Starting the day with morning tea and fruit before yoga with a hearty brunch to follow. A light lunch and early evening meal to aid better sleep and digestion. Alcohol, caffeine, gluten, dairy and sugar are excluded, following Yoga and Ayurvedic principles to aid rest and elevate energies. For more information on the food prepared at Little French Retreat you can visit here

The Self-Discovery Journey is woven into the retreat. It’s an innovative game that is enlightening, insightful and helps you create positive change by asking important life and work related questions to reveal what makes you unique, realign your purpose and allow a sense of freedom to flow through you again. For more details visit HERE

Details of the rooms can be found here
The retreat price is for shared accommodation, however if you unsure about this or wish to know single occupancy rates please enquire prior to booking.

2hrs morning Yoga and Pranayama
Time to relax / Cooking workshop / walk / siesta / treatments
1.5 hrs Afternoon Yoga and Meditation
Evening guided circle conversations or chanting

  Cycling (there are two Dutch bikes available for use)
  Reading (feel free to borrow from the retreat library)
  Relaxing by the log burner

Dates: Saturday 27 October – Thursday 01 Nov 2018.

  • 5 nights accommodation

  • All nutritious organic vegetarian meals, snacks and drinks,

  • Breathing workshop, ten yoga & meditation workshops

  • Use of yoga mats, meditation blankets and straps

  • Guided walks and meditations, guided circle work

  • Cooking workshop

  • Two Ayurvedic treatments

  • Individual Ayurvedic consultation to establish your doshaa and personal health suggestions

Capacity: 6 shared occupancy with twin rooms only, optional double beds for couples on request.
Getting here: For full travel details visit the website here
Booking: £875.00 per person / Deposit of £250.00 is required. The final balance of £625.00 is payable by 21st September 2018.

Confirm your booking via the Paypal Deposit button
(it automatically stops at 6 places)



For each guest booking our give back partners Mossy Earth will plant one tree as part of a european re-wilding programme and to help us build our own forest! Find out more here

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