A practice of living well

At Little French Retreat we believe that wellness comes from the outside as well as the inside. That’s why our retreats are thoughtfully designed to balance physical movement with time for rest and reflection; to nourish from within with wholesome, healthy food, and to soothe from the outside with tranquil, natural surroundings.

We accommodate a maximum of six guests at any one time, so that we have time to give each guest the care and attention they need.

Our approach to health and wellness follows the principles of Ayurveda and Sivananda Yoga and uses simple practices to cleanse and de-clutter mind, body and spirit. The physical practice combines breath, postures and rest to balance the nervous system, flex the spine and develop the core strength and stamina. With a strong body and calm mind, we turn the mind inward to discover greater self-awareness.

It’s sister system, Ayurveda is a practice of natural healing to balance to the body, mind and spirit and to prevent disease through diet, environment, herbal medicine and massage. 

Our retreats give you the space to see and think clearly, so that you can re-examine your current habits and situation, and perhaps reset your course for a more fulfilling, focused life. Individual retreats are taught by Tamsin the founder or visiting practitioners that offer complimentary experiences. Tamsin’s approach to teaching is explained more fully on the founder Page.

Our approach to food is also rooted in the Ayurvedic teaching that food is medicine for healing. We therefore prepare fresh, healthy, vegetarian food, using organic, toxin-free, seasonal ingredients. 

During retreats daily meals comprise a hearty brunch, a midday snack and a light supper, timed to aid optimal digestion and fit easily into the daily flow of yoga classes and other activities. Every mealtime is an opportunity for us to gather and to savour, and at Little French Retreat we relish both.

Meals generally exclude gluten, lactose, alcohol, caffeine and refined sugars and we can cater for guests with food intolerances or allergies.

For cooking inspiration visit the retreat recipe book HERE