Our Food Ethos is simple.
We eat local, seasonal, organic, toxin free, vegetarian food prepared with love to support rest and elevate energy according to the principles of Yoga and Ayurveda.

Everything is cooked from scratch, using only natural unprocessed foods. Quality, intention and balance underpin everything that happens in our kitchen. Our meals of hearty brunch, mid-day snack and a light supper follow our daily flow around yoga classes and are timed to aid optimal digestion.

Our food is toxin free and cleansing for mind and body so we exclude gluten, dairy lactose, alcohol, caffeine, refined sugars and stimulants and limit vegetables from the nightshade family.

We do include eggs, sheep’s yoghurt and sheep and goats cheese although can cater for vegans, allergies or food intolerances and coeliac disease.

Infused with a combination of Eastern and European flavours, our seasonal and delicious menu follows the Ayurvedic principles that food is energy and medicine for healing. Every meal time is an opportunity for us to gather and to savour, and at Little French Retreat we relish both.

For cooking inspiration visit the retreat recipe book HERE

“The food was brilliant. I was told that vegetarianism would surprise me, but the actual breadth of the food was so incredible. Combinations of things I would never think of putting together. I guess one could look at a cookery book, but it doesn’t compare to the experience of sitting in the kitchen watching all the ingredients be lovingly put together by Tamsin. The flavours, sight, texture of the food. I was surprisingly filled and fulfilled” – Charmaine, Miami


Find out more about cooking retreats, our philosophies and the food, or hiring Tamsin to cook for private events: info@littlefrenchretreat.com