Vegetarian Supper Club


TAMSIN CHUBBTamsin has been cooking for guests at Little French Retreat since 2013. Time spent in Ashrams and her yoga practice have been the doorway to cooking with purpose for wellbeing. She loves cooking food that changes peoples lives, providing a natural approach to healing that adds meaning, longevity and lessens the chances of disease, or can help to reverse on-going health issues.

She makes vegetarian food, using natural, unprocessed ingredients that follow Ayurvedic principles for balancing mind and body. There is a philosophy and intention to everything that happens in the kitchen to create wholesome, nutritious meals to bring your body back to good health, using a wide range of ingredients. You don’t need to be vegetarian, this will provide new ideas to add to your existing diet and knowledge of how to gain protein from sources other than meat. Food intolerance can be easily catered for.

For more information on Tamsin’s approach to food visit  here

What Other’s are saying:

“Last night’s Vegetarian Supper Club at Tamsin Chubb’s Little French Retreat was so good it should be kept a secret!” – Robert, France

“We had a really enjoyable evening, meeting new and interesting people, who were a mixed bunch of characters. All of us fascinated by eating out with other people we had never met. The food was delicious, unexpected with unusual combinations and a topic of conversation throughout the evening as we discussed which dishes we loved most. The whole evening was so fantastic. Many people had travelled over an hour to reach Little French Retreat and I am sure all will agree with me, it was worth the journey”  – Christine, France

“Thank you for a delicious and fun evening last night! Such a talent Tamsin! We’d love to join you for supper again next month if that is not being too greedy!” – Carol, France

Tam in Kitchen_ copyIf you would like to know the dates and availability of monthly supper clubs or are interested in me cooking for you send an email or call directly, Tamsin +33 (0)